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About Us

Eve At Eight is proud to be one of Malaysian home-grown massage companies that believes that today’s women should also remember to focus on their own health and well-being. A woman’s role is so important as being one of main contributors to the society today and to the next generation. With this, it gives us a great purpose to provide top-notch quality services through our massage therapies and other health treatments.

We are your choice massage company because our therapists are local Malaysians who are passionate to be in this industry. While they are highly experienced, some have also obtained their basic and specialised massages certification. Here, we believe in on-going trainings to equip our therapists so that you could enjoy your treatment and see the results that you are hoping for.

We also take pride in the massage oil that we use. All our massage oil is formulated specifically for each treatment. Our massage oil is made from high-quality oil with pure and certified genuine essential oil. We took this step to provide good oils so that our customer benefits from the oils that goes onto the skin.

Come! Make an appointment with us. You are free to decide if you would like to come to our homely boutique outlet or have your massage at the comfort of your own home. You make the choice and we will be there.  

You deserve the best!

With much love,
Eve At Eight Team.

Mom2b Pregnancy Massage (90 mins)

Carrying a baby inside of us is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. As the foetus grows bigger and heavier, it is natural for a pregnant lady to feel some form of discomfort such as aches on the back and other parts of the body.

Benefits of Pre-natal Massages:-

  • Alleviate back pain and stiffness
  • Reduce anxiety & improve mood
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relieve muscle aches and joint pains
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduce leg-swelling (edema)

First Time Trial @ RM198 (u.p RM298)
5 and 10 sessions package available

Hot Mama Postnatal Therapy (120 mins)

During pregnancy, the body goes through many changes to make room for the developing baby; and postnatal massage is one effective and holistic way to heal and relieve discomfort after birth. Our treatment includes a combination of several steps, including “gua sha” technique that ensures a quicker recovery.  

Benefit of Hot Mama Postnatal Therapy:-

  • Cellulite reduction & toning the body
  • Expelling trapped-wind expulsion from the body.
  • Reduces toxins in our body
  • Relieve the stress of caring for a newborn.
  • Expedite the process of returning to pre-pregnancy body shape.
  • Improve breast-milk supplies

First Time Trial @ RM238 (u.p RM398)
5 and 10 sessions package available

Eve Rejuvenating & Relaxing Therapy (90 mins)

After a hard day’s work, come and enjoy a relaxation massage with us. Our relaxation massage will surely help you unwind and release your day-to-day stress. Our specially blended essential oil will help relax you, as our therapist
gently massage on the pressure points and ease the muscle knots.

Benefits of relaxing massage

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Stimulate body lymphatic system
  • Reduce stress hormones
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Reduce anxiety and heightened mental alertness

First Time Trial @ RM198 (u.p RM298)
5 and 10 sessions package available


Energized Detox Therapy (120 mins)

Eve At Eight Energized Detox Therapy is beneficial for all women* as our body accumulates toxins like heavy metals and various chemicals such as pesticides, pollutants and food additives.

Benefits of Energized Detox Therapy:

  • Removes toxins
  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Reduce body puffiness
  • Expel trapped wind
  • Addressing constipation issues
  • Better sleep
  • Cellulite reduction and toning the body

*Pregnant ladies & pre-existing condition are not suitable.

First Time Trial @ RM238 (u.p RM398)
5 and 10 sessions package available


FIR Postnatal And Womb Recovery Therapy (120 mins)

FIR Postnatal And Womb Recovery Therapy is a combination of our postnatal massage with an imported FIR Bian stone machine. While the massage helps to alleviate stress blocks, the FIR bian stone machines penetrates safe Far Infrared light into our deeper layer of our skins for multiple purposes.

Benefit of FIR Postnatal And Womb Recovery Therapy

  • Relieves menstruation cramps
  • Detoxifies and flush out blood clots from the womb
  • Improve bowel movement and abdominal circulations
  • Relieves abdominal bloating
  • Heal inflammation
  • Fat burning
  • Expelling of wind in our body

First Time Trial @ RM238 (u.p RM398)
5 and 10 sessions package available


FIR Womb Care (45 mins)

FIR Womb Care therapy is ideal to relieves menstruations cramps & symptoms caused by “yin” uterus, detoxifies and flush out blood clots from the womb, improve bowel movement and abdominal circulations and relieves abdominal bloating

First Time Trial (RM138)
5 and 10 sessions packages available.


  • Wonder Oil – Prenatal Skin Therapy Oil
  • Amber Oil
  • Fat Buster
  • Neal’s Baby Massage oil
  • Bengkung
  • WBG Products



The uterus, or commonly known as the womb, plays essential functions in a woman's body. It is important for the reproductive cycle, fertility, and childbearing. In recent years, the increase in infertility rate, cases of endometriosis, ovary polyps, uterus cancer, and fibroids are alarming due to multiple reasons like stress, hormonal imbalance and many others. FIR Bian Stone Wombcare is a treatment to :-

  • Detofixies & flush out blood clots from the womb.
  • Relieves menstruations cramps & symptoms caused by "yin" uterus.
  • Improve bowel movement and abdominal circulations.
  • Relieves abdominal bloating. 
  • Rejuvenate the back and the front of the womb.

Trial Price : RM198/session (45mins)



In this unprecedented time, we would like to offer an instant cash rebate for all our postnatal care packages. 

RM100 for 8 sessions package

RM250 for 14 sessions package

RM388 for 30 sessions package

Please contact us to know more about our postnatal packages.




  • Yee Kuan

    Nice pre natal massage. Love it..feel so relax n.comfy after this massage session.

  • Tiffany Hew Wan Ting

    Had my post natal massage with them after 2nd baby. Started at Day 7. Very special and effective methods to reduce our belly fats and water retention problems! Today was my first session and im already feeling good about it! More reviews after my 10th session.

  • Jiamin Chong

    I wish I get to know them earlier! Prenatal massage is so relaxing and best is they came to your house for th service!!

  • Yumii Chum

    服務很好,按摩也舒服,最主要產後排毒,都很好唷!我皮膚本來就不好,懷孕期間荷爾蒙失調更嚴重了,產後做了這個護理,我的皮膚比以前更好了!表示有幫助我調回荷爾蒙, 而且收腹也很快

  • Angela Huang

    Wonderful postnatal massage experience with professional masseuse! Would definitely recommend Eve’s eight to my friends

  • Cheryl W Lim

    This is my second package with Eve At Eight. I signed up for x10 package of prenatal massage and another x10 package of postnatal massage.

    I am really satisfied and have always looked forward to every massage session. The only thing I did wrong was that I didn't know about Eve At Eight even earlier when I had my first born child. 

    I love my rejuvenating postnatal massage. She "hit the spot"! 

    Overall my experience with Eve At Eight was a pleasant one. Eve At Eight certainly trained their staffs very well, knowledgeable, grounded, and always tuned into their clients. Thank you!

  • Cindy Ho

    Words can't describe the satisfaction after the postpartum massage from Eveat8. After 2nd time of the therapy, my excess breast muscle under my armpit has eventually soften. It was so sore ever since my delivery and even few lactation nurses couldn't help for it. The Ginger steam sauna has relief my pain point. 

  • Charmaine Yeow

    I did the Energised Detox Therapy and it was one of the best massages I've ever had. I am suffering from bad water retention on both my legs I had an absolutely wonderful massage from my masseur. Incredibly relaxing, I was left floating on clouds! 100% recommended.

  • Carmen Chua

    Never regret to sign up the hot mama postnatal therapy with Eve At Eight. Masseur is well trained and my tired body feel so much relieved after each session. Highly recommended mommy to purchase their handmade bengkung to achieve the best result! The quality of bengkung is very good (thick and comfortable) and I even wear it when I sleep at night! 🥰🥰

  • Genie Lee

    大力推荐Eve At Eight 按摩, 非常舒服。heart产后照顾宝宝非常疲惫,十分需要按摩舒缓。要找产前产后按摩,记得找 Eve At Eight, 美味按摩时都非常专业。yesyes

  • MingLing Jazpher

    Definitely worth in money! I did enjoy very much on both prenatal and postnatal massage. Thanks to the team for the excellent service given! smiley

  • Nielyn Dashine

    I had a 2 hour relaxing massage, I enjoyed the infrared massage the most as it feels warm. The place is nice and they are very welcoming. Had a great time here. smileyheart

Eve At Eight collaborates tightly with confinement homes and beauty centers in providing our prenatal, postnatal and baby massages. We have the expertise, human resources and effective system that works well, so that our partners can focus in their services.

Call us to find out more.

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